Avichai-Ben-Tzur-PortraitHi, and thank you for paying a visit to X Days In Y! My name is Avichai and I’m glad to have you over. Before I let you into my world, here’s a bit of (totally useless) personal info. My favorite color is blue, favorite movie is Top Gun, I think that Roger Moore is the best Bond (by a mile), and I can’t snap my fingers no matter how hard I practice. I prefer palm trees over Christmas trees, and white sand over powdery snow. I’m an ‘angel number’ 9 and I can never say no to Indian food (and to jellybeans).

From Small Town to the Big World

Let’s start from the end. In 2015, I left a cushy job at Google to fulfill a decade-long dream of exploring the remote South Pacific. I left behind the salary, the free food, the free massages and the ego that comes with working on the Mount Olympus of the tech world – to travel!

the-dead-seaNow back to the beginning. I grew up in a small town halfway between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea in Israel, back when transatlantic travel was a total luxury. At the age of 10, my family moved to Toronto in Canada for five years. These were my adolescent years – the years when your personality takes shape and where new experiences become habits. Leaving behind our extended family in Israel, each and every weekend was spent exploring our new surroundings. My father would carve out incredible itineraries to near and far places, using old travel books and ‘Triptiks’ from the Canadian Automobile Association (the Canadian version of AAA). Looking back, my love for discovering new places and the value I place on travel planning – are owed to this special period of my life.

me-in-fijiFast forward to my early 20’s. I was young, free and after three years of military service – a perfect time to explore the world. I spent a good 3-5 years traveling on and off, combining travel-related work with actual travel. I spent time in the US and Central America, but it was the trip to Australia and New Zealand that had a profound impact on where I am today. On a random stroll through the streets of Auckland, I saw a local travel agent’s ad for Fiji and thought “What the hell, I’m already halfway around the world”. Those magical two weeks on remote tropical islands started an obsession with the South Pacific that eventually brings us back to the present.

X Days In Y Is Born!

avichai-ben-tzur-googleWhile working at Google in Ireland, I was faced with two ‘challenges’: horrible weather and lots of vacation days. I went on many short trips to discover Europe, Africa and sometimes even Asia. Since I only had a few days on the ground – I was always very well prepared for the trip. I knew where the best cafes were, the local markets, the picturesque towns and all the ‘secret spots’. After all, I had a very good teacher as a child (and plenty of local resources in the office) …

Back in Ireland, I often found myself writing these massively long emails with travel trips for colleagues and friends who were planning their own holidays. And that’s when I felt a light bulb flashing inside my head: create a website where I share all my travel info with like-minded independent travelers!


Summit of Mount Teurafaatiu Hike - Maupiti French PolynesiaThe information collated and the advice shared will help you tailor your own adventure.

I would love to hear from you. If you’ve visited these places and have your own tips, want to ask some questions or just wish to share your feedback – don’t be a stranger!

Happy Travels


אביחי בן צור

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