The Best Beaches in Reunion Island

Though neighboring Seychelles and Mauritius are known for their stunning beaches, Reunion Island also has its fair share of idyllic spots under the sun, as you would expect in a tropical island in the Indian Ocean. Though hiking and the outdoors are the main reason for visiting this destination, you’ll inevitably be drawn to get a taste of paradise. Here’s a list of the best beaches in Reunion Island.  

Panoramic view lagoon and beach Reunion Island west coast

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The best beaches in Reunion Island are mostly concentrated along the sandy shores of its lagoon, on the sunny and dry west coast of the island. Protected by a coral reef, these beaches are the most suitable for swimming and watersports. Especially beyond the comforts of the lagoon, always adhere to specific regulations that might be signposted in Reunion’s beaches. The island is infamously known as the “shark attack capital” of the world, and ocean swells can make swimming dangerous. 

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Best Beaches in Reunion Island Map

This map features all the beaches mentioned in this guide to Reunion Island’s best beaches. Click on the image to open the map.

Best Beaches in Reunion Island Map

Plage de L’Hermitage

Plage de L’Hermitage is ideally located in the middle of the lagoon, between St-Gilles and la Saline-les-Baines. It’s Reunion’s Island’s most popular beach, so it gets quite crowded over the weekends and even on weekdays after schools are out for the day. The sand is as white as it gets on the island, the water is crystal clear, and casuarina trees provide some shade. Don’t forget your snorkeling gear. 

Best beaches in Reunion Island - Plage de L’Hermitage
Lagoon in Plage de L’Hermitage - Reunion Island beach

Plage de la Salines

Away from the crowds, Plage de la Salines is a perfect stretch of salt and pepper sand just south of Plage de l’Hermitage. The beach takes up a long stretch of sand, so it’s never a challenge to find your spot, and you can enjoy views that stretch all the way south to Saint-Leu. There are a few clear patches for swimming, but this is a great place for snorkeling. Sadly, the coral is mostly bleached, but there are lots of tropical fish around. When you feel like socializing, head to either Planch’Alize or Copacabana for drinks on the beach. On the southern tip of the beach, Le Choka Bleu is also a popular spot. 

Plage de la Salines - Best beach in Reunion island
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Aerial view - Plage de la Salines - Reunion Island
Plage de la Salines - the best beaches in Reunion Island
SUP in Plage de la Salines - Reunion Island
Snorkeling Reunion Island - Plage de la Salines

Plage de Boucan Canot

This beach is the Reunionnaise version of Saint-Tropez. Tourists in nearby resorts and vacation rentals can easily swing by, enjoy drinks and meals along the concrete promenade, play some beach volleyball, and work on their tan. It’s one of the widest beaches on this section of the island, and the further you head from the center, the more secluded it gets. Don’t forget to check out the natural pool!

Plage de Boucan Canot - Reunion Island

Plage des Brisants

Plage des Brisants extends from the port of Saint-Gilles south to Plage de l’Hermitage. It might not be the most idyllic in terms of tropical look and feel, but the 2.5km of sand to choose from definitely award it extra points. The beach widens as it gets closer to Plage de l’Hermitage, unsuitable for swimming on the St-Gilles side. Locals love this beach, especially for a weekend lunch or sunset drinks at the Sauvage bar and restaurant.

Plage de l’Étang Salé

One of Reunion Island’s finest black sand beaches, Plage de l’Etang Sale, is well outside the comforts of the lagoon, but it’s a prime spot for watching the sunset or mixing with the locals. The village of Etang Sale has “island-time” written all over it, and there are rumors that UFOs paid a visit in 2019

Sunset in Etang-Sale les Bains - Reunion Island black sand beach

Plage Grand Anse

The southernmost on this list of the best beaches in Reunion Island, Grand Anse has a beautiful setting, a palm-fringed beach hiding in a small horseshoe-shaped bay. It’s not safe for swimming, but the scenery is enough to draw the locals to this beach. A large picnic area and a small park attract families who get here early on the weekend to claim prime real estate for the day. 

Plage Grand Anse Reunion Island

What’s Next?

Now that you have found the best beaches on Reunion Island, you are ready to plan your own island adventure! Be sure to check out the rest of the Reunion Island travel guide collection, including a day-by-day Reunion Island itinerary, the best hikes on the island, essential travel tips, and lots more. 


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