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Off The Beaten Track

Looking for something unique on your first, or perhaps returning visit to Paris? Travel beyond the tourist hotspots with these detailed travel guides to some of Paris’ top off-the-beaten-track attractions.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery Paris cool picture
Visiting The Père Lachaise Cemetery
Let's visit the celebrities of the past at Père Lachaise Cemetery. We'll visit Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison & more at the Père Lachaise Cemetery!
visiting the paris catacombs - cover photo
Going Underground to the Catacombs of Paris
A free in-depth guide for the best way to visit the hidden Catacombs of Paris. Get essential tips, learn the history & head underground with lots of photos!
Moulin Rouge Paris famous red windmill
What to Expect at the Moulin Rouge In Paris
If you visit Paris, a top thing to do is to see the famous Moulin Rouge show. Have a look at what to expect & how to plan your visit. Can you do the Cancan?
Inside the Paris Sewers
Visiting the Paris Sewer System Museum
If you're looking for a cool, off the beaten track thing to do in Paris - head with me to underground Paris & let's explore the Paris Sewer System Museum!
paris flea market marche aux puces Marché Jules Vallès clocks
A Guide For Visiting The Paris Flea Market – Marché aux Puces
One of largest in the world, the Paris Flea Market (Marché aux Puces), has anything from antique clocks to 19th century furniture. Let's explore, shall we?
Going to the roland garros - post cover
A Guide For Going to the French Open – Roland Garros
From how to get tickets to what to bring with you on match day, this post covers my experience with going to the Roland Garros French Open tennis tournament
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