Great Places For A Day By The Water

Have you been craving the gentle sound of water trickling down the stream? How about the swooshing sound of waves hitting the shore and water activities by the lake or ocean? If you think about it, the sound, sight, and smell of water calm the mind in ways you can’t explain. That’s why you want to be close to a river, lake, or ocean, even if it’s for just a day. In this guide, we’ll explore great places in Europe, the USA, and Asia for a day by the water.

According to the National Library of Medicine, waterscapes or water bodies play a vital therapeutic role in individuals’ mental, physical, and social health by reducing psychological distress. While countless destinations allow you to enjoy a relaxing getaway with a mix of water adventures, choosing the right one can be tricky. Should you visit Hawaii or Tahiti, California, England, or Thailand? 

Oahu, Hawaii

What could be a better getaway than to spend time by the sea at Oahu? The picture of white, soft sandy beaches, clear blue waters, gentle waves, and the feel of the coastal breeze will make you relax as you soak up in the sun. But with so many incredible beaches in Oahu, where should you plan for a day out near the water? 

Waikiki Beach from Diamond Head - Honolulu Hawaii
Waikiki Beach

You could choose Kailua Beach Park and enjoy sun tanning, biking, and hiking along the shore. If adventure is your thing, you can kayak, swim, or paddleboard. Alternatively, spend the day at Waimanalo Beach, where you’ll go on long, uninterrupted walks on the beach or relax under ironwood trees. 

Waimanalo Beach - Hawaii - Oahu
Waimanalo Beach

Since Waimanalo Beach is less crowded, it’s perfect for an all-day barbeque outing with friends and family. For a memorable day tour beside or in the water, consider Lanikai Beach. Ranked among the world’s best beaches, Lanikai Beach is ideal for short strolls on the shore and picnicking. The crystal clear waters will tempt you to swim, snorkel, or go kayaking. 

Lanikai Tropical Beach - Oahu - Hawaii -2
Lanikai Beach

River Thames, England

Let’s say you’re visiting London and want to escape to a quiet spot near the water, away from the busy, noisy city life. Where would you go? Plan a day out by the River Thames. This historical waterway runs 215 miles across the city to the south of England. So, there’s a lot you can do while you unwind. You could start with a walk or cycle along the banks to get some fresh air and savor the beautiful scenery of the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and Shakespeare’s Globe. 

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You may also try fishing at the river, whether you’re a pro or love casting a line into the water. How about visiting a garden beside the river? Time spent in the garden at Hampton Court Palace, for example, will make your day fun and peaceful and give you great inspiration for your lawn from this garden established in 1764. From the garden, you can spot beautiful sights close to the water before enjoying a delicious meal at riverside restaurants. 

California, USA

With many spectacular lakes, California is an excellent place to spend a day next to water. Lake Tahoe is at the top of the list of best lakes to visit in California. Aside from its clear and pure water, this lake is easily accessible, and its natural beauty is stunning. There are plenty of activities you can indulge in around this famous lake, such as hiking on trails with waterfalls, cycling, bird and bear watching, skiing, playing golf, and photography tours. 

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe

If hunting, fishing, and camping by the lake give you joy, plan a day tour to Lake Sonoma, Shasta Lake, or head to Lake Hemet. A day by any water body in California, including Irvine Lake, allows you to catch bass, trout, salmon, and catfish. However, you must be careful to make the most of your fishing trip, especially when spending time with young people. This means following all the safety tips for fishing with family. When fishing with kids, ensure they wear safety jackets while on the boat, teach them how to handle fishing equipment safely, and simplify the tackle, bait, and other fishing techniques. 

Krabi, Thailand

Imagine having only a few days in Thailand, and all you want to do is spend time close to water. Where would you go? Krabi. Famous for its serene islands, natural beauty, and stunning white sandy beaches, Krabi offers tranquility and unlimited fun activities near or on the water. For example, you can relax and unwind at Railay Beach while sunbathing. Or get an adrenaline boost from rock climbing, swimming in the crystal-clear waters, and watching the sunset. 

Sunset at Railay Beach

Plan a tour to Ao Nang Beach if you’re planning a beach moment that gets you close to lush greenery and the most mesmerizing sunset. For a more rejuvenating experience close to water and greenery, visit the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. Here, you can take a leisure walk on the jungle trail surrounded by streams, waterfalls, and natural pools. At the trail’s end, you’ll find Emerald Pool, a crystal-clear lagoon where you can swim.

The world is home to unique destinations surrounded by water, where you can experience the most rejuvenating getaway. Even for one day, a trip to the River Thames in England will help you relax as you take in the gorgeous scenery of London, go fishing, or eat lunch at riverside restaurants. A day around Oahu’s beaches means tranquility while strolling or tanning by the shore. Spending less than 24 hours around lakes in California or beaches in Krabi might seem less, but you’ll surely feel rejuvenated. All you have to do is research your destination and plan accordingly to create an unforgettable day trip by the water.