10 Days In Vanuatu

August 25, 2016

Mount Yasur Volcano Tanna Island Vanuatu - Panoramic View

Part 3: Tanna Island (3 Days)

My personal favorite island in Vanuatu, do not miss the chance to visit Tanna. Its main attraction is Mount Yasur – the world’s most accessible active volcano, but Tanna offers plenty more for those who stay for more than just a quick night. With hardly any paved roads and with remote villages where 26 different dialects are spoken, let curiosity lead you on a discovery of Tanna’s wild nature and old Kustom way of life. Living In the fringes, mysterious cargo cults do their own thing, further adding to Tanna’s cultural appeal to complement its awesome natural beauty.  

Tanna was badly hit by the category 5 Cyclone Pam in 2015, with the island taking a direct hit. Many lives were lost, along with destroyed crops and infrastructure. Signs of that horrible day were still evident when I visited Tanna, from the torn airport terminal roof to the lack of fruit on the trees.

Tanna Island Vanuatu Remote Village

Where To Stay In Tanna?

There are pretty much two areas to choose as your base: the Mount Yasur area on the east side of the island and the airport area on the west coast.

  • Mount Yasur area: very simple huts, campgrounds and even tree houses (no wifi and 24-hour electricity). They can be very cheap, offer a unique local stay and you’re close to Port Resolution and Mount Yasur (can even walk there at night). Keep in mind that unless you happen to hitch a ride from the airport, the cost of a prearranged airport transport will almost equal to that of a tour of Mount Yasur from the west coast.
  • Airport area: accommodations are more modern, with 24-hour electricity, WiFi, and dining options. You’ll be close to excellent snorkeling spots, the airport, nearby guided tours and the ‘town’ of Lenakel – though Mount Yasur is a 90-minute drive.

I personally stayed at the Tanna Evergreen Resort and absolutely loved it! The resort is just 10 minutes north of the airport and they’ll pick you up for free. Small bungalows dot a lush tropical garden and trails down to the ocean pass through a series of small tropical pools. When I stayed here, they were just starting to recover from the cyclone damage but from recent photos, it really looks like an oasis. There are budget style bungalows with shared bathrooms (hot water, electricity and mosquito nets provided) to go along with fancier ocean-facing units. The entire property is perfectly situated for magnificent sunsets.

Tanna Evergreen Resort In Vanuatu - Bungalows

Tanna Evergreen Resort In Vanuatu - Budget Bungalow

The resort’s restaurant and bar is where you’ll be treated to a great breakfast (with Tanna Coffee served, of course), sunset dinners and connect to the (OK) wifi. Throughout the day, you can buy lunch, snacks, and drinks. The dinner menu was excellent and well priced, considering you’re really in the middle of nowhere (mains start at V1,200). Choose from Thai curry, chicken specials and even a whole lobster for just V2,500. As the sun sets and the air gets a bit chilly, a bonfire is lit nearby and millions of stars begin to shine in the night sky.

Tanna Evergreen Resort In Vanuatu - Sunset In RestaurantSunset On Tanna Island VanuatuTanna Evergreen Resort In Vanuatu - Lobster DinnerTanna Evergreen Resort In Vanuatu - Dinner

Another advantage of staying here is the snorkeling. Right off the resort’s rocky beach, you’ll find superb marine life that’s best explored a low tide. Don’t forget your reef shoes!


Finally, the resort also doubles as a tour company, offering you the chance to not only visit Mount Yasur but also discover all the highlights mentioned in this section of the guide. I went on four tours and would have done more if only I had more time. Though prices are quite steep, don’t forget that Tanna is a remote island with very poor infrastructure so everything is quite costly also for the locals. All tours of Tanna featured in this section of the Vanuatu Travel Guide were booked directly via the resort and were well worth it. 

A slightly more upscale option is the White Grass Ocean Resort, just next door to the Evergreen Resort, or the recently opened Rockwater Resort

Visit this page to see available Tanna accommodations which you can book online.

Tanna Travel Tips

  • Aim to spend at least two nights in Tanna. If the weather is bad and Mount Yasur trips are canceled, you’ll at least have an extra shot.
  • Tanna is mainly reached via 40-minute flights from Port Vila.
  • Bring enough cash as the only ATM on the island serves local bank accounts. Some accommodations accept credit cards, but a 5% surcharge will be added to your bill.
  • Getting around Tanna is difficult and its only commercial center is Lenakel (not much happening there). Therefore, I highly recommend bringing some snacks to cover those ‘in between’ meals.
  • Confirm your departing flight a few hours before (your hosts can help you). When I visited, a mechanical problem caused disruption in service and miscommunication, causing some to miss their flight to Port Vila and their onward connection back home.
  • Pack something warm. Tanna can get a bit chilly at night, especially around Mount Yasur.
  • Don’t forget reef shoes. Tanna has some amazing snorkeling off the west coast but it’s quite a rocky approach to get to the best spots.  
  • To get a sneak peek of the island, watch the highly recommended film Tanna, which accurately depicts Kustom life on the island.

10 Days In Vanuatu Map: Espiritu Santo

Click on the image to open in Google Maps. This map contains all the highlights mentioned in this section of the guide:

10 Days In Vanuatu - Tanna Island

Day 1: Snorkeling & Mount Yasur Volcano Tour

Since it’s your first full day in Tanna (or even if you’ve arrived on the morning flight from Port Vila), book a spot on a tour going to Mount Yasur. This way, if the weather is bad, you’ll have another shot tomorrow. The tour leaves at around 3 pm, so use the morning to relax, enjoy the view and explore Tanna’s marine life.

Snorkeling In Blue Hole #2

The best snorkeling in Tanna is just a 20-minute walk up the dirt road from the Tanna Evergreen Resort. Look for the sign to Blue Hole #2 and walk down to the rocky reef edge. From the surface, it looks nothing out of the ordinary, but once you enter the break in the reef (the hole), you enter a wonderland.

Tanna Island Vanuatu Blue Hole

During low tide, the break in the reef creates a calm tidal pool that’s a good few meters deep. Inside, tropical fish in all colors of the rainbow swim back and forth inside the safe confines formed by hard corals which grow on the volcanic rock.

The water is crystal clear and if you’re extra brave, you can venture inside small caverns and lava tubes running from the main pool. It’s an absolutely magical experience and you’ll probably be the only ones here if you come early in the day.

Tanna Island Vanuatu Blue HoleTanna Island Vanuatu Blue HoleTanna Island Vanuatu Blue HoleTanna Island Vanuatu Blue HoleTanna Island Vanuatu Blue Hole

Where’s Blue Hole #1 you might ask? It’s further up the road, but #2 is said to be better. Don’t forget your reef shoes and snorkeling gear of course. Inquire with your hosts about the tides and only venture inside at low tide when it’s easy to spot the entrance and visibility is at its maximum.  

Mount Yasur Volcano Tour

After lunch and a short nap, gear up for the trip of a lifetime. This is the prime reason you came all the way to Tanna. Known as the ‘world’s most accessible volcano’, the challenging and long trip to Mount Yasur is absolutely worth the effort and the cost (V12,000-14,000). The volcano has been active for the last 800 years and its nightly glow is said to have led to its coincidental discovery by Captain Cook.

Your tour will depart at around 3 pm with a beautiful 90-minute drive up from the west coast to the highlands and down to the east coast where the volcano lies. Only the most difficult sections of the road are paved so expect a long and rough drive at times. You’ll pass through remote villages where time stands still, villages that were destroyed during Cyclone Pam. Keep your eyes peeled for slices of tine roof wedged into the treetops, debris leftover from the cyclone.  

Tanna Island Vanuatu Drive to Mount Yasur

Tanna Island Vanuatu Drive to Mount Yasur

After the initial climb, you’ll reach a lookout point with panoramic views of Tanna. To the north, the beautiful uninhabited coastline and to the south – your first glimpse of Mount Yasur.

Tanna Island Vanuatu Panoramic View

A few turns and a few miles later, you’ll think you’ve just landed on the surface of Mars with a touch down on the only highway in Tanna – the black ash plains of Mount Yasur. It’s the only time you’ll break out of third gear on this trip and it’ll be your first glimpse of the volcano from up close.

Mount Yasur Tanna Island Vanuatu
Driving to Mount Yasur Tanna Island Vanuatu

Tour Of Mount Yasur Volcano - Tanna Island Vanuatu

As you get closer, you’ll pass a few small villages that live dangerously close to the volcano. There are a handful of accommodations out here in simple huts and treehouses for those who want to visit the volcano multiple times. Out here, you’ll begin to notice smoke literally rising out of the ground, sure signs you took the right turn.

Moutn Yasur Tanna Island Vanuatu road steaming

The jeeps will then park right at the foot of the volcano, where you’ll embark on a short hike up to the creator to the sounds of exploding grenades and the smell of rotten eggs. En route, you’ll have a chance to post a letter back home from a lonesome mailbox. In a country with such poor infrastructure, it amazes me how Vanuatu Post manages to reach the toughest of places.

Mount Yasur Volcano Post Box

Climbing Mount Yasur volcano Tanna Island Vanuatu

You’ll make it to the rim just in time for a spectacular sunset. It’ll be the last time you look out in that direction for the rest of the evening.

Sunset on Mount Yasur Volcano Tanna Island Vanuatu

I’ve climbed the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala but I’ve never stared down the mouth of an active volcano. For the next hour, you’ll be treated to a fiery display of lava eruptions that you’ll never forget.

Lava Eruption Mount Yasur Volcano - Tanna Island Vanuatu Up CloseMount Yasur Volcano - Tanna Island VanuatuMount Yasur Volcano Night LavaMount Yasur Volcano erupting

Here’s what it felt like to be at the top of Mount Yasur

And here’s the entire experience from day to night in a time-lapse video

Logistics: tours from the west coast leave at 3 pm and return at 8 pm so pre-order your dinner. Wear warm clothes and be prepared for a lot of ash flying your way. I recommend packing something to cover your nose and mouth with, baby wipes, tissues, a torch and even something to protect your camera (mine briefly stopped working the following day).

Day 2: The Magic Tour

Another morning of taking it easy, pop into Lenakel to check out its small but cool outdoor market or join a morning tour to the blue cave, ‘wilderness waterfall’ or just snorkel in the blue hole again.

Lenakel Market Tanna Island Vanuatu

At 1 pm, depart to the middle of nowhere for the start of what’s known as ‘the magic tour’ – a reconstructed custom village where surprises lurk out of every corner – warning: spoilers coming up! You’ll be greeted by a local tribe member who welcomes you to the village tour with the famous (true) story of a missionary that landed on the shores of Tanna only to be eaten by cannibals.

Great way to start your tour ah… here’s what comes next!

After this welcoming introduction, you’ll enter the village through a massive banyan tree where the next generation of warriors takes their shot at scaring the living daylights out of you.

Magic Tour Tanna Island Scary Kids

You’ll then move from station to station, where you’ll learn about the ancient ways of warfare: archery, camouflage and medical evacuation using a few special leaves as a stretcher.

Magic Tour Tanna Island Makeshift stretcher

A few stations later, you’ll finally be worthy of meeting the tribe’s chief (he really is a chief). The chief will perform a beautiful wedding ceremony by using his special powers to bind together two heart-shaped leaves known locally as Nanamian.

Magic Tour Tanna Island Vanuatu Chief

Magic Tour Tanna Island Heart Leaf with Chief

The tour then reaches its climax, with the entire village coming together to celebrate your arrival with traditional song and dance. The baton is then passed to you, as you get to play chief and be paraded through the village with a huge entourage cheering you on!

Traditional Tribal Dance Magic Tour Tanna Island

Magic Tour Tanna Island Playing Chief

Magic Tour Tanna Island Parade

Magic Tour Tanna Island Village Parade

Magic Tour Tanna Island

Bottom line: the tour lasts for about 2 hours and you’ll have a chance to buy some local souvenirs from the villagers so bring extra cash (V500-1,000). I actually had a wonderful time in the magic tour despite it being geared for tourists. The special moments I experienced there still put a smile on my face whenever I dream about Vanuatu.

Day 3: Yakel Tribe Village Tour & Cargo Cults

The magic tour was great but how about seeing the real deal? Tanna is home to a number of tribes that haven’t changed much over the centuries, resisting Western influence and holding on to the traditional ways of Kustom. The most famous such tribe is the Yakel tribe. A visit to their village is a must for any curious traveler.

Louinio Cultural Village

At around 8:30 am, you’ll depart once again to the middle of nowhere, this time to the central highlands of Tanna. The ride will give you another opportunity to witness the beauty of Tanna’s landscape and the allure of its remote villages. 

Tanna Island Vanuatu remote villagers

Tanna Tropical Island - Vanuatu

Arriving in Louinio Village, you’ll think you’ve just arrived at a filming location for one of those BBC nature documentaries. In fact, this description is not that far from reality as anthropologists from around the world come to Tanna to document the people of the Yakel tribe.

Yakel Tribe Tanna Island Vanuatu

Yakel Tribe Tanna Island Vanuatu

Yakel Tribe Tanna Island Vanuatu

Your guide will lead you through the tribe’s village, where women are covered only by grassy lavalava skirts and men by penis sheaths. There’s no electricity out here and no 7-11. Everything is grown and raised on site, with tribe members sometimes heading to town to barter for goods wearing their traditional clothing. In good years, the village is almost completely self-sufficient, with taro, sweet potato, sugar cane, avocado, mango and herbal medicines grown on site to go along with chickens and pigs. Even tobacco and kava are grown in the village, with the men closely guarding these cash crops which surely help pass the time in the absence of satellite TV and wifi.

Yakel Tribe Tanna Island Vanuatu

Yakel Tribe Village Tour - Tanna Island Vanuatu

You’ll then enter one of the huts, where a local mama is busy preparing traditional dishes that you’ll get to taste. As you exit the hut, children are playing a local version of hide and seek, dancing around in a circle with one of them blindfolded in the middle. Who needs a PlayStation?

Yakel Tribe Tanna Island Vanuatu Children playing

Moving closer to the tobacco plantation, the men demonstrate how in seconds they can light a fire with simply a wooden stick and some dried bark. The entire village will then join, erupting in a traditional dance which sends vibrations running through the ground.

Yakel Tribe Tanna Island Vanuatu Men


Yakel Tribe Tanna Island Vanuatu Traditional Tribal Dance

Bottom line: I highly recommend visiting the Yakel Tribe’s village. It’s as authentic as it gets and after watching the (highly recommended) movie ‘Tanna’ – I can honestly tell you it’s exactly like this in reality! In addition, like all villages in Tanna, Cyclone Pam really devastated the community so any extra bit of cash goes a really long way (bring some cash for souvenirs).

The Giant Banyan Tree

On the ride back from Louinio Village, you can detour and visit this freak of nature. Tanna has its fair share of banyan trees, but this one’s huge! Though locals claim it’s the biggest in the world, it’s not quite there yet. What appears to be a single banyan tree that has somehow morphed into the size of a football field, nobody really knows when it all began. Local legend says that even when Captain Cook visited Tanna in the mid 18th century, this tree was already a giant. Perhaps its secret lies in the small stream that flows right through its heart.

Giant Banyan Tree Tanna Island Vanuatu

Logistics: the combo tour of the Yakel tribe village and the giant banyan tree leaves at 8:30 and returns at noon, so you can do this in the morning and catch an afternoon flight to Port Vila.

John Frum Cargo Cult

If it’s Friday, you’ll have the chance to visit one of the most bizarre scenes in the South Pacific. Tanna is home to a few cargo cults worshiping anything from Prince Philip to a mysterious figure called John Frum. Some say John Frum was a real person who spoke of the day when the European colonizers would depart Tanna and leave all their material wealth to the local Ni-Vans, while some say it’s the misinterpretation of an American soldier ‘John from (America)’ whom islanders met while working for the US Army on other islands during WWII. While some John Frum villages worship ‘cargo’ i.e. – old military equipment associated with this John Frum, others simply reject Western influence and hold on to their own belief system.

John Frum Cargo Cult in Tanna Island Vanuatu - Singing At Night

John Frum Cargo Cult in Tanna Island Vanuatu - Women Dancing

If you’re staying close to Mount Yasur, you can visit the guys who worship WWII military cargo. I visited a John Frum village as night fell, locals gathered inside an open hut and began singing for hours upon hours. The men appeared to be completely high on kava, while some of the older women were dancing in bizarre fashion outside, also appearing to be high on something.

Bottom line: it’s certainly not a must to visit a John Frum village but it is a rare nighttime activity on Fridays. Inquire about special occasions when cult members parade through their village dressed in old US military gear.

Part 4: Port Vila (1 Day)

I highly recommend returning to Port Vila for one last night, just in case there are any disruptions to inter-island flights on Air Vanuatu (which can happen). Use this last day in Port Vila to relax, reflect and do a bit of shopping in the town’s market!

So What Do You Think?

Is Vanuatu worth visiting? Share your thoughts, questions, tips and own experiences in the comments below. For a quick recap, here are the top 10 things to do in Vanuatu!

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  1. Hi Avichai! Fantastic blog…very helpful and informative. I will be visiting Vanuatu and going to Tanna Island. I’m interested in doing the volcano tour, black magic tour, John frum, blue cave and village tour. Can you give me a rough idea of the costs for the tours? I saw that you did almost all of them and was curious what you paid. It seems VERY expensive based on the quote I was given…perhaps that is normal? Any info would be appreciated!

    1. Hi Becky!

      Tanna is the best! You’ll have an amazing time. I kind of splashed out on the tours and you’re right – they are expensive. But Tanna is such a fun island that I couldn’t resist. The most expensive one is the volcano tour (VUV12-14K), then the Yakel Tribe Village + Banyan tree combo was about VUV10K and the rest were around 7K (John Frum was night visit wasn’t expensive). My advice would to bargain for a discount if you’re booking from the same agent and also that you can probably book everything once you’re there as oppose to in advance. Have a look at this spreadsheet for a complete breakdown of my Vanuatu travel costs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19f6mpVEfgZOzrjc4IcfpxsdUxY7mzz1AF6bowwEh7qc/edit#gid=244366446

      Happy travels and enjoy Tanna!

  2. Thanks Avichai! Your information is super helpful. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. We are so excited about Vanuatu. In addition to Tanna Island, we are gonna swing by and see Pentecost Island for land diving which I’ve wanted to do ever since I saw my first photo of a daredevil taking the leap of faith. Our Vanuatu visit will be action packed! We are also hopping over to Samoa for 2 weeks after Vanuatu so your Samoa blog posts are going to help us plan what to see and do. Happy travels to you too! Hope 2017 sees you on many more amazing adventures.

    1. Happy new year to you too Becky! Good call on Pentecost Island. That’s the one that slipped away from me… And Samoa – my God you’ll love it. Crossing over from Melanesia to Polynesia is something you’ll never forget.

    1. My pleasure! It took a lot of data collection along the way but I knew this would help someone at some point 🙂

  3. This is sooooo helpful!

    We’re going to Vanuatu for 10 days soon and I was worried we wouldn’t be able to afford to do much.
    Your info is super helpful and it looks like even on a small budget we can see and do a fair bit – awesome!

  4. I am planning on going a 12 day holiday to Vanuatu in October, so Avichai you info was perfectly pitched. Much appreciated, thankyou!
    I am still planning much of the trip, so just one question – I think it was mentioned above the tours you did in Tanna Island, but I was hoping you could give a little bit more information on which tours you did (companies etc) and any recommendations for other tours you didnt get to do but looked good (on any of the islands)?
    Thankyou so much!

      1. Hi Courtney!

        In Tanna, I did John Frum (waste of time), Mount Yasur at night (must), the “magic tour” (not a must but fun if you have extra time), and a visit to the Yakel Tribe which also included the giant banyan tree (must). I stayed at Tanna Evergreen Resort and did all the tours with them. Since I booked multiple tours from them, we negotiated a small discount. Had I had more time in Tanna, I would have also done the Blue Cave tour which looks awesome. In general, I wish I traveled in season for the land diving on Pentecost Island (you can take day tours from Efate and Santo for that I think). I also considered doing the Millenium Cave in Santo but didn’t really have time. This tour is great if you like adventure and don’t mind getting wet and muddy.

        As for diving, I only did that in Santo and I went with Allan Power who is the #1 specialist for the Coolidge wreck.

        Hope this helps!

  5. Fabulous post. We have just gotten back from Vanuatu thanks for all the recommendations. We were in Fiji and decided to do a quick zip over and LOVED Vanuatu. Even though we thought it would be the same vibe, it wasn’t and everything seems to be so much closer and easier. Blue Holes, Volcanoes. Vanuatu has got so much to offer and we are going back again October 2018 to explore more.

  6. I am so inspired by your 10 days trip to Vanuatu. So I am now planning a solo trip to Vanuatu mid-may 2018. And would like to follow your itinerary except scuba-diving which I can’t. But I would like your advise. I will be flying from Spore to Brisbane, where I catch a domestic flight to Port Vila. Will stay 2 days in Port Vila, but for your Part 2. How do I get to Espiritu Santo Island? and Part 3. How do I get to Tanna Island? Any advise, recommendation would be very much appreciated.

    1. Hi Agnes

      Great decision to visit Vanuatu!

      The easiest way for travelers to get to Santo and to Tanna is by flight with an air pass purchased from Air Vanuatu. To Santo, you might be able to catch a cargo ship from Vila but you’ll need to inquire at the harbor. You might also find yachts doing the trip. As Tanna is quite remote, getting a ride on a cargo ship is likely not an option unless you’re super flexible with your time.

      Happy travels!

  7. Thank you Avichai for your quick reply. Really appreciate your information and advise. Purchasing an air ticket is no problem for me. But getting a ride on a cargo ship, I have never done this before. It will definitely be an adventure. Thank you once again for your super helpful blog!

  8. Avichai thank you very much for all the help!
    Your blog helps me a lot for planing the trip.
    Thank you very much for your suggestions on the mail also.
    Hope you continue traveling 🙂

  9. Thank you for your itinerary! I wasn’t able to see the land diving. Hope to go again to Vanuatu next time. In any case tnx for helping me plan my trip I did two months ago.

  10. Very useful for your information, thank you for all this pertinent information.
    If you can give me some advice, I want to visit Vanuatu in January, I know it is a rain season, do you think it’s a good time to visit Tanna Island? Or if someone experienced Vanuatu in January tell me if it rains daily … thank you

    1. Hi Bogdan

      Thank you for the feedback. January can be a risky time as it is the heart of cyclone season. Specifically, Tanna was hit with a category 5 cyclone in March of 2015 (Cyclone Pam). It’s not that you can’t visit the island, however, there is some element of risk and since not all the roads are paved, you might not be able to make it to the volcano etc.

  11. Wonderful information about Vanuatu.

    I am planning to go in Dec19. Did you book the tour before you go? You said that you book some of the tours in the Hotel.

    1. Hi Steven. I booked my dives in Santo ahead of arrival. As for Tanna tours, I booked those upon arrival and there were no issues. Hope this helps.

  12. Great blog, really useful as I am planning my trip there and around the Pacific, so thank you for taking the time to write about your experience! With regards to the flight to Tanna, would you book that before or can you include that with your tour? I know the weather can be issue so was wondering if I should try wait till I am there and then booking the flight to Tanna?

    1. Hi Che. Flights to Tanna on Air Vanuatu should be booked in advance. I know there are small charter companies that also used to offer the flight with the tour but I don’t know if they still do that now.

  13. Awesome blog- thanks so much for all the information. I go to Vanuatu between 8th March and 20th March and have just used this to plan my entire trip you absolute legend!!

    One query I had was about the domestic flight baggage allowance. It states 10kg on the flights I’ve booked as you mentioned. However, I’m a solo traveller taking one way flights so harder for me to leave stuff behind. Do you know if there is any way you can buy more? I fly in and out of Vanuatu via an Air Vanuatu flight which seems to potentially be important. Can you advise how I can get more baggage space if you know please?

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Eddie
      Happy to have helped with your trip planning. I brought a small bag with me and left my excess luggage at the airport luggage storage facility (you can also leave with your hosts if returning to Port Vila for another night). I am sure Air Vanuatu will be happy to sell excess baggage and it appears they have outlined it here: https://www.airvanuatu.com/media/1263/excess-and-cargo-domestic-rates-eff-01oct15-vat-amended-jan18xls.pdf

  14. Read your travel article with interest. Reason is that my wife and I were probably running the Tanna Evergreen Resort & Tours resort then (we also ran the White Grass Ocean Resort next door before TERT).
    A lot has changed in Tanna since, some for the better and others not.
    As I live in Tanna hence I cannot openly state them for fear of upsetting someone, but everyone is welcomed to pick my brains by email
    One thing though is that there are many more bungalows operating, and there is a new premier resort on the island. My wife and I built it, it is called Rockwater Resort. If anyone wants to be pampered they only have to read the guests reviews on TripAdvisor or other online platforms.

    Anyway, from a Tanna “Old Hand”, everyone be safe.
    Still not one case of COVID19 in Vanuatu…Hooray!

    1. Hi John
      Thanks for commenting. I do recall having lunch at the Evergreen Resort with a local who was in the midst of building a new resort. I recall he mentioned finding refuge inside a bathtub when Pam struck. Perhaps it was you? I added your beautiful-looking property to the Tanna section of the guide. All the best and hope to visit again one day.

  15. Espiritu Santo island looks amazing. Such a shame that the hurricane wrecked it… I’d love to visit the Matevulu Blue hole myself. It looks surreal with the intense blue. Diving among the shipwrecks would definitely be interesting. The champagne beach looks awesome too. When should I go there to avoid the crowds? Because the island is still springing back up from the hurricane, I’ll probably think about visiting a couple years later… Thanks for this awesome four-day plan to visit Espiritu Santo.
    Chard Kim recently posted…Best Small Solar Panel Review of 2020: Rockpals 100W Foldable Solar PanelMy Profile

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