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Ia Orana, welcome to paradise! A trip to Tahiti and French Polynesia is something you’ll never forget. With 118 islands stretching across a chunk of the South Pacific Ocean the size of Western Europe, it’s important to pick and choose the right islands for you. Two weeks will allow you to see quite a few islands and even venture off the beaten track. Here’s a sample 2 weeks in French Polynesia itinerary, which offers a few combinations of islands to choose from.

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I spent three months in French Polynesia while backpacking across the South Pacific Islands. While no two islands are the same, it’s key to avoid trying to see too much. This is paradise, after all, so leave plenty of time for relaxing. Independent travelers to French Polynesia will discover that there’s way more to this destination than just luxury resorts. It all depends on you.

Heading off to French Polynesia? Free travel guides to 11 islands await you, plus tailor-made services to make your vacation to paradise unforgettable! 

Independent Traveler's Guide to French Polynesia
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Part 1: Tahiti (3 Days)

Tahiti is known as ‘the Queen of the Pacific’, and it is the largest island in French Polynesia – where over 70% of the population lives. Check in to the Hotel Sarah Nui, comfortably situated in the center of Papeete and close to the ferry terminal to Moorea.  

Spend your first day exploring Papeete, with its exotic market, colonial architecture and the famous roulottes food vans of Place Vaiete.

Pineapple and beautiful Tahitian at Papeete Market

Presidential Palace Papeete Tahiti French Polynesia

Place Vaiete roulottes Papeete Tahiti French Polynesia

On your second day, rent a car and discover the coastline of Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti. Along the way, pay a visit to the botanical gardens, the giant waves of Teahupoo and the legendary black sand beaches of Tahiti.  

Black sand beach in Tehaupoo Tahiti French Polynesia

On the third and last day in Tahiti, either hike Mount Aorai or the Fatahua Valley or join a 4X4 tour and enter the uninhabited interior of the island in the Papenoo Valley and the magical Lake Vaihiria.

Mount Aorai hike Tahiti French Polynesia

Papenoo Valley Tahiti driving through river 2

Papenoo Valley Tahiti French Polynesia - Lake Vaihiria

Have a look at this sample Tahiti itinerary and choose the days you like the most, plus this list of the top things to do in Tahiti.



  1. Hi! Amazing blog!
    We are going for the 17 days (on the ground) in French Polynesia for your honeymoon in March of 2018 and I am curious if it’s overkill to cover 6 islands (Tahiti, Morea, Bora Bora, Raiatea,Tahaa and Rangiroa)? I heard about the Air Tahiti flight package, do you know if that would work with this type of itinerary? If you were to do it, which order of the islands would you go with and what would you skip if it’s too much in your opinion? Also, Between Huahine and Raiatea/Tahaa- which option do you recommend?

    Sorry for so many questions, but the more blogs/itineraries I read, the more confusing it looks :).

    Thank you in advance,


    1. Hi Kristina

      Sounds like an awesome honeymoon. I’ll answer in general terms but if you want something specific to your trip, have a look at this page and we can deep dive in a 1:1 session (I do this for a living as French Polynesia is my expertise) >> http://xdaysiny.com/tahiti-tailor-made

      I would recommend as a rule of thumb no more than 3 islands for every 10 days of trip. This is very general and also depends on the desires mix between resting & sightseeing. If it’s scuba diving that you’re after, there is a better destination for that though Rangiroa is the most famous one. Raiatea & Tahaa can be good but it depends on what you wish to experience.

  2. I’m actually afraid of the ocean so I don’t know much about diving, but the scenery looks amazing and is definitely something that I would enjoy, it’s something out of a movie.

  3. Thanks for the post. After reading this one I had suggested Tahiti for my friend to visit . I think it will be a good place to explore and enjoy her time with husband after a long time. The images makes it more appealing to visit . It will be absolutely amazing . Thanks for the info.
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