3 Days In Tahiti Itinerary

Day 3: Papenoo Valley

Explore Tahiti’s wild uninhabited interior on the last of your 3 days in Tahiti. Book a spot on a Papenoo Valley tour with Teuai Olivier from Ia ora na Tahiti Expeditions’ for a day you will never forget. Olivier is renowned throughout French Polynesia for his cultural know-how. He’s a former two-time Mr. Tahiti champion and one of the premier guides on the island (tell him I say hi).

Teuai Olivier Lenoir - Tahiti tour guide - French Polynesia

The Papenoo Valley follows the contours of the biggest river in Tahiti, deep into the uninhabited center of the island. The only way to explore this wild part of the island is on a 4X4. So unless you have a Tahitian friend who will lend you their jeep, you’ll have to book an excursion. On the menu? Breathtaking mountain vistas, cascading waterfalls, and ancient Polynesian temples.

Papenoo Valley - Tahiti - French Polynesia
crossing river in Papenoo Valley - Tahiti - French Polynesia
Papenoo Valley - Tahiti - Mountains with watrefalls and steep road
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If you opted for the full-day tour of the Papenoo Valley, it’s now time to exit to the west coast of the island, and you’ll start the return leg by going through a tunnel that runs right beneath the highest section of the area. Afterward, you’ll begin the plunge to Lake Vahiria (473m) and continue through a section of an extremely lush rainforest before reaching the highway on the west coast. 

Papenoo Valley Tahiti French Polynesia - mountains 2
Papenoo Valley Tahiti French Polynesia - Tunnel

What’s Next?

We’ve just scratched the surface, but if you only have 3 days in Tahiti – this is a pretty good plan. For more information about Tahiti and French Polynesia, check out these recommended guides.

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