5 Days In Maupiti

May 27, 2016


Pretty little Maupiti is known as ‘the preserved island’. It’s a magical destination reserved only for those seeking to experience laid back traditional Polynesian life. Maupiti is said to be similar to the way Bora Bora used to be before mass tourism took over. Aside from the physical resemblance to its big sister, Maupiti feels like a world away. You won’t find any resorts in Maupiti. Locals are doing everything to keep it this way. Tiny enough to be discovered on foot and beautiful enough to make you swear you’ll be back – Maupiti is an island destination you’ll never forget. To help you make the most of your time on the island, here’s a sample 5 days in Maupiti itinerary. I spent a full week in Maupiti while traveling across the South Pacific Islands. This was one of the most memorable stops I made.

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5 Days In Maupiti Itinerary Map

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5 Days In Maupiti Island Itinerary Map - French Polynesia

Day 1: Welcome To Paradise!

Boat ride from Airport to village

The wow factor kicks in as you land on an airstrip extending out to the lagoon and realize you’ve just arrived in paradise. You’ll be transported by boat to the main island just minutes away, where your local pension host will welcome you with a fresh necklace of heavenly scented taire flowers. In fact, the whole island just smells so good!

Aerial view of Maupiti French Polynesia from plane

Airport Maupiti French Polynesia

Airport in Maupiti French Polynesia boat pickup

Approaching Maupiti vaiea village from airport

Maupiti has no resorts or hotels, just laid back family run pensions. I stayed at Pension Tautiare Village, where spacious rooms overlook a grassy lawn on the lagoonside. Step to the edge of the long pontoon and go for a dip in the warm lagoon waters. Dawn and her family will take excellent care of you, with dinners that you’ll never forget!

Pension Tautiare Village garden and pontoon Maupiti french polynesia

Tereia Beach

When you’ve settled into your room, grab your beach gear and head to Tereia Beach – the best beach on the main island. On your way, the road will take you to the top of a hill overlooking the southern side of Maupiti. Such a pretty site! Can you spot the pontoon down at the pension?

View of Maupiti French Polynesia

The road then drops down to Tereia Point, where one end is a muddy beach popular with small fishing boats, while the other hosts the prettiest beach on the main island. Find a spot on the soft white sand and enjoy shallow warm waters.

Tereia Beach Maupiti French Polynesia

Tereia Tropical Beach - Maupiti French Polynesia

Dinner at the pension

As the sun begins to set, head back to the pension and get ready for dinner. I’m guessing that fish is on the menu! The question is whether the tuna will be served grilled or raw –  in one of the signature Tahitian dishes?

Pension Tautiare Village dinner 3 Pension Tautiare Village dinner 2 Pension Tautiare Village dinner 1

If the night sky is clear, count the stars from the edge of the pontoon or head back to the lookout point for some serious nightly views. Not bad for your first day in Maupiti, ah?

Milky Way over Maupiti French Polynesia

Milky Way in night sky - Maupiti French Polynesia


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