Fall Vacation: Why, Where and When

With the summer vacation sadly receding, and with the chilly winter just around the corner, the coming months are actually an excellent time to use up your remaining vacation balance. The sticky July-August heat is slowly fading away, and along with that, the high summer prices are quickly decreasing. Here are two ideas to think about for a fall getaway.

Cruising Around Europe

Village In French Riviera

I don’t know about you, but I believe there’s something magical about Europe at any time of the year. Maybe it’s the great food, maybe it’s the diverse landscape, maybe it’s the people — and probably it’s all three. If you’ve ever visited Europe during the summer, you probably know that despite the fantastic weather, its prime attractions are overcrowded with tourists from around the world. But during September and October, you have the chance to still catch fine weather while avoiding the crowds. What better way to travel in style than on a European cruise!

To get the best of Europe and still enjoy pleasant weather, hop on a cruise and sail around the Mediterranean. The most popular routes will either focus on the Greek Islands or take you from Italy to Spain, with frequent stops along the way. You’ll get to experience Italy’s beautiful western coast, the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera, and cap things off with some tapas in Barcelona.

City Break

Baker Beach San Francisco

If a cruise in Europe is a bit of a stretch for you, how about a quick city break? From New York City and London to my personal favorite, San Francisco, there are a few cities out there that are a destination on their own. With lots to see and do, admission costs can mount up, and queuing in endless lines can take up valuable time. If you’re heading to some of the more popular city-break destinations that are always blessed with visitors, consider equipping yourself with a travel pass to save both money and time. Passes are flexible and work on an “all you can visit” basis for a time period that you choose. Just remember to not try to squeeze everything into a short break and leave plenty of time for some people watching.

But wait! Why not do something good on the way and give a little back for a cause that’s dear to your heart. The folks at Goodshop offer an innovative twist on the coupon hype that took us all by storm a few years back. Not only can you take advantage of money-saving offers from leading travel brands, but when you shop, a percentage of your purchase is donated to your chosen cause — for real! Over $11 million has been donated so far by travelers, who in turn have saved over $100 million on their holidays. That’s what I call a win-win situation.

So whether you’re in need of a vacation from that summer vacation, or you’ve waited for everyone to get back to work to take yours, enjoy your fall holiday and enjoy giving back while you’re at it!

This post is written in partnership with Good Search.