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You simply can’t go wrong with a visit to Italy. Everything just always seems to perfectly blend here, especially during spring and summer when la dolce vita can really be felt. Explore some of Italy’s prime destinations with these travel guides, currently covering Rome, Sardinia, and the Amalfi Coast.

5 Days in Rome Sample Itinerary - post cover
5 Days In Rome
Free in-depth itinerary for spending 5 days or less in Rome. Get useful Rome tips, see the top sites, museums, and eat & drink in the best places. Let's go!
Trattoria Vecchia Roma - Rome best Restaurant - pasta
Best Places to Eat in Rome
Discover the best places to eat & drink in Rome with this free detailed guide to Rome's best restuarants, wine bars, delis, cafes and more. Wine & dine like a pro in Rome!
7 Days In Sardinia
Free in-depth itinerary for spending 7 days or a less in Sardinia, with a focus on Alghero and the stunning beaches of the Gulf of Orosei. Let's go!
The Best Churches in Rome
Best Churches In Rome
Discover the best churches and cathedrals in Rome worth visiting. This guide to Rome's finest churches will walk you through the best 20 churches in Rome. Let's go!
7 Days in Naples and the Amalfi Coast - cover
7 Days in Naples and the Amalfi Coast
Discover how to spend 7 days in Naples and the Amalfi Coast with this free guide, covering all the top sites including essential tips, maps and photos. See how to spend a week on the Amalfi Coast!
Amalfi Town
Naples and Amalfi Coast Travel Tips
Learn how to beat the crowds, discover the best places to stay, explore ways of getting around and lots more with these essential Nalples & Amalfi Coast travel tips. Get started!
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