10 Days in Mallorca

August 4, 2014

Part 4: Southern Mallorca (3 days)

Arta to Mondrago National Park & Cala Mondrago

About a 1.5-2 hour drive from Arta lies Mondrago National Park. There is no need to stop on the way and in general, try to avoid this part of the east coast which is where a lot of the package holiday resorts are situated (there are, however, some famous caves to visit if you’re into that stuff). Park your car (free) in the parking lot and head down the paved path to the beach. As you reach the main beach, you are faced with 3 options: you can take the wooded path to your left for about 400 meters and reach a very narrow cove (in our case, it was quite crowded), you can simply stay at this main beach which is quite family-oriented, or take the right path (can’t miss it) to the next beach which is in a wide cove with lovely sand and pinewood in the rear. There is a beach bar, chemical toilets and decent snorkeling in the surrounding rocks if the water is clear on that day. This is a lovely place to spend the day.

Cala Mondrago Mallorca Beach

Mondrago National Park to Ses Salines

We were headed to the small village of Ses Salines for our next 2 nights and en route from Mondrago, stopped at the picturesque fishing village of Cala Figuera. No beach here, just a lovely stroll down to the old port and just in time to catch the fishing boats unloading their bounty. Local chefs eagerly await nearby for a good catch and dozens of tourists for a classic photo op. The port is a lovely place for a stroll through the narrow seaside path, dotted with boathouses and sunny villas clinging to the surrounding cliffs.


Cala Figuera Mallorca Fish


A further 10-minute drive brings you to Ses Salines which seemed like an upscale village to us. We stayed at the Villas Station hotel which is a great place but just hard to find so ring them up before to get directions. This is a converted train station with spacious family rooms and a nice swimming pool. There is an even an ancient but active well in the gardens, just watch out for the cactus. That night, we headed to Colonia de Sant Jordi for dinner on the seaside promenade. We chose Port Blau which offers a great dinner deal for a couple (21€ pp for a three-course meal and a bottle of wine) and some fantastic fresh fish.

Here’s a list of all accommodations in this area which you can book online. 

The next morning we went on a hunt after the best Ensaimada in Mallorca, the famous local spiral-shaped pastry. The hunt took us to the town of Campos and Patissiere Pomar, a famous establishment since 1902. This place really does deserve its reputation and is frequently visited by locals and visitors. You can buy various pastries (try the Ensaimada and the almond croissant), coffee, bread, and the typical Mallorcan ‘pizza-like bread’. We bought some bread in the bakery, fruits, and vegetables in town and headed to the beach.

Cala Figuera & ensaimada Mallorca

Ses Salines to Es Trenc Beach

Drive towards Colonia de Sant Jordi and just before the town, you’ll see a right turn towards Es Trenc. This road takes you past the Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc salt factory which makes this region so famous (you can stop at the factory shop) and takes you to the parking lot (6€) of Es Trenc beach. This is by far the nicest beach we visited throughout Mallorca.

Kid playing at Es Trenc Mallorca nude beach Spain

Es Trenc Nude Beach Mallorca Spain panorama

Es Trenc is a wide and long strip of nearly unspoiled white sand where you can have some space for yourself. The area near the parking lot is more family-oriented and houses numerous restaurants. Head an additional 300 meters to the nudist area which is in my opinion, the nicest part of the beach. Es Trenc is a Caribbean-like beach. Substitute the palm trees for the pine trees and you are in a tropical setting. The sand, soft and white. The waters shallow and crystal clear, stretching for about 300 meters.

If you truly fancy feeling on vacation, feel free to take your clothes off as this beach is popular with nudies. It’s not a must though. What is a must is spending as much time as possible in this magnificent setting. Bring plenty of water, food, and shade as the beach bars and restaurants are quite overpriced and the sun is at its best. For dinner, we had some excellent tapas at Casa Manolo in Ses Salines, reasonably priced and rich with history.

Es Trenc Mallorca nude beach Spain

Es Trenc Mallorca nude beach Spain tanning

Ses Salines Mallorca village Spain

Ses Salines Mallorca village Spain at dusk

Any regrets?

Our only regret on this leg of the trip was not knowing how beautiful Es Trenc really was. We went to 9 Mallorcan beaches and this was by far the most memorable.



    1. Hi Anna! I actually stayed in the neighboring village that’s called Ses Salines and absolutely loved it. Sant Jordi is a nice place to stay at if you’re traveling with small children. It is very much geared for tourists and has a port (with a beach) that’s hugged by a lot of restaurants. Ses Salines was more on the quiet side, with a classic village center that comes to life at night and with close proximity to Sant Jordi and Es Trenc Beach. I mention in the guide the exact place I stayed at and I would highly recommend it if it’s available. Happy travels!

  1. What a great, concise, approachable itinerary! Exactly, what I am looking for to guide us on our upcoming trip!

    Thank You for providing such a wonderful resource!

  2. Hey Avi,

    Great post! Very interesting and concise. I wanted to ask, how much budget would you allocate for this type of trip? I imagine during the summer season, things can get pretty pricey.


    1. Thanks Shai

      I traveled as a couple in the heart of the high season and the biggest cost was accommodation. We paid between €60-130 per night and stayed in nice places. I listed every place we stayed at inside the guide so you can check the current prices. Overall, it was not an expensive holiday and was totally worth it. Hope this helps. Happy travels!

  3. There’s an ostrich farm nearby which is absolutely fantastic. You can learn about the ostriches as well as feed them and play with them. Very interesting birds!

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