10 Days in Mallorca

Europe’s summer in all its glory, a visit to Mallorca is guaranteed satisfaction. A small island catering to all senses, you’ll find exactly what your’e after in Mallorca, and still be surprised. The Mallorca itinerary focuses on how to spend 10 days or less on the island, highlighting its major sites and acticities while road tripping around the island.

A popular summer destination, Spain’s Mallorca, caters to all crowds. Fear not the stories of package holiday resorts and crowded beaches. Our Mallorca travel holiday, at the height of the season in July, was nonetheless unforgettable! With 10 days to spare, we wanted to cover both Mallorca and Menorca but had to ‘settle’ on Mallorca only. Mallorca finally won over its smaller neighbor due to the diverse landscape that offered us mountain getaways, rich cultural & rural history, fantastic beaches, and easier access.

Glad it turned out that way, Mallorca did not disappoint. Mallorca (more commonly spelled Majorca, in the UK) is the largest of the Balearic Islands and easily accessible from most European cities. With a population of just under 1 million and 3,620 km², Mallorca is easy to explore with a great road network and adequate public transportation. The capital, Palma, is a vibrant city and the usual entry point for most tourists.

10 days in Mallorca itinerary

There is so much to do on this small Mediterranean island. I hope you find this Mallorca travel guide useful and that you take the time to appreciate the vast diversity that this island has to offer both in nature as well as in culture. Though we traveled to Mallorca as a couple, much of the itinerary covered in this Mallorca travel guide is applicable also to families with children as Mallorca is very family-friendly.

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Mallorca Travel Itinerary Map

Follow this Mallorca itinerary with the companion map. Simply click on the image to open a driving map of this 10 days in Mallorca itinerary.

10 Days in mallorca sample itinerary map