10 Days in Mallorca

August 4, 2014

Part 5: Es Trenc to Palma (1 day)

Our trip was coming to an end. We spent another half day in Es Trenc and headed back to Palma that afternoon (45-minute drive), returning the car and checking in once again to Hotel Almudaina. We used this time to do a bit of shopping and for dinner went to the highly recommended Celler Pagés restaurant. Hidden in the back alleys of central old Palma, this restaurant is popular with the locals and we were fortunate to find a free table. Food consists of fresh Mallorcan cuisine and prices are extremely reasonable.

Palma cathedral from marina Mallorca

Palma cathedral with moon Mallorca

Celler Pagés restaurant Mallorca Spain


10 Days In Mallorca Sample Itinerary 2
10 Days In Mallorca Sample Itinerary 4

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    1. Hi Anna! I actually stayed in the neighboring village that’s called Ses Salines and absolutely loved it. Sant Jordi is a nice place to stay at if you’re traveling with small children. It is very much geared for tourists and has a port (with a beach) that’s hugged by a lot of restaurants. Ses Salines was more on the quiet side, with a classic village center that comes to life at night and with close proximity to Sant Jordi and Es Trenc Beach. I mention in the guide the exact place I stayed at and I would highly recommend it if it’s available. Happy travels!

  1. What a great, concise, approachable itinerary! Exactly, what I am looking for to guide us on our upcoming trip!

    Thank You for providing such a wonderful resource!

  2. Hey Avi,

    Great post! Very interesting and concise. I wanted to ask, how much budget would you allocate for this type of trip? I imagine during the summer season, things can get pretty pricey.


    1. Thanks Shai

      I traveled as a couple in the heart of the high season and the biggest cost was accommodation. We paid between €60-130 per night and stayed in nice places. I listed every place we stayed at inside the guide so you can check the current prices. Overall, it was not an expensive holiday and was totally worth it. Hope this helps. Happy travels!

  3. There’s an ostrich farm nearby which is absolutely fantastic. You can learn about the ostriches as well as feed them and play with them. Very interesting birds!

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