7 Days In Moorea Itinerary

Moorea is known as the ‘magical island’ and with the shape of a heart, it’s so easy to understand why you fall in love with this place so quickly. Just a 30-minute ferry ride from the “big island” of Tahiti, Moorea feels a world away. With a laid back vibe and time ticking away so peacefully as you’re living the Polynesian dream – you simply won’t want to leave. But wait! There are plenty of things to do in Moorea. From diving to hiking to cultural shows, Moorea has something for everybody. Here’s a detailed Moorea itinerary for spending up to a week on the island.

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What’s Included In This Moorea Itinerary?

Several sections make up this sample itinerary, so even if you won’t be spending a full week in Moorea, choose the days that suit your taste and include in your itinerary.

  • Day 1: Scenic Views & Tropical Beach Life
  • Day 2: Lagoon Tour
  • Day 3: Scuba Diving Or Swimming With Whales
  • Day 4: Hiking & Polynesian Culture
  • Day 5: Road Trip Around Moorea
  • Day 6: Waterfalls & Snorkeling
  • Day 7: Local Delights & Relaxation

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7 Days In Moorea Itinerary Map

All places mentioned in this Moorea itinerary can be found on the map. Simply click on the image to open it in Google Maps. As you might already spot, the bulk of the island’s highlights concentrate on Moorea’s scenic north coast.

7 Days In Moorea Itinerary Map - French Polynesia
Quick Finds

Where To Stay in Moorea?

Moorea is one of the most visited islands in French Polynesia, and as such, it offers a wide range of accommodations to suit all budgets. If you’re not planning to stay at a resort, I highly recommend booking well in advance to avoid having to settle for a place without much value for money (and there are those as well in Moorea). This is especially true during the high season (June-September) and local school holidays. 


The best part of the island to base yourself on is somewhere between Haapiti and Papetoai. Here, the lagoon is wide, and the sunsets are to die for. Avoid the south of the island as it lacks any major attractions or dining options. Also, note that the west coast is drier and sunnier than the east coast. The separation line is Mount Rotui, the peak separating Moorea’s twin bays.

Pro Tips

(1) Check out the Moorea Travel Guide for specific recommendations for all accommodation types. (2) Here’s a list of all Moorea accommodations which you can book online via Booking.com.

Day 1: Scenic Views & Tropical Beach Life

On your first day in Moorea, spend the day exploring sections of its north coast and hit the beach. I highly recommend renting a car (or scooter) for most or for your entire stay in Moorea. That way, you can explore the island at your own pace and hop between its interesting sites, beaches, and local restaurants.

The Belvedere & Around

Start your first day in Moorea at its prized scenic viewpoint. Take the only “proper” inland road and head to the Belvedere scenic lookout. The road snakes its way up the mountain before reaching one of the prettiest spots in French Polynesia. From up here, you’ll get a chance to see Moorea’s twin bays separated by Mount Rotui – so beautifully carving Moorea in the shape of a heart. Beneath your feet is the lush Opunohu Valley, prime agricultural land where pineapples are grown. The Belvedere is the starting point for several hikes, the most famous is the Three Coconuts hike (more info in the ‘hiking section’ of the Moorea Travel Guide).

La Belvedere Moorea French Polynesia
The Belvedere
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Opunohu Valley

Opunohu Valley is not only prime agricultural land but also sacred land. On the way back to the coastal road, stop at the marae complex and explore a set of ancient Polynesian temples. Notice how nature has taken over this place, further adding to the mystery.

Marae in Moorea French Polynesia
Rainforest in Moorea French Polynesia

Continuing the drive back to the coastal road, stop at the Lycee Agricole (agricultural college), where you can enjoy fresh fruit juices, ice cream, and homemade jams that are very popular across French Polynesia. Next, it’s time to explore Moorea’s pineapple fields along the Pineapple Route. Park your car at the intersection of the main road to/from the Belvedere and the turnoff to the Pineapple Route. From here, go for a stroll along the Pineapple route and explore the fields where the cash crop is grown.

Pineapple field - Route de Ananas - Moorea - French Polynesia

Small pineapple on the pineapple route - Moorea
Small pineapple on the pineapple route - Moorea 2
Pineapple route 2 Moorea French Polynesia
Te Fare Natura

The unique structure of this recently opened eco museum cannot be missed when turning inland towards the Moorea’s Belvedere scenic lookout. Along with the Tiki Parc, this is a great option if traveling to Moorea with children. Te fare Natura invites you to discover and learn about the geology and the ins and outs of French Polynesia’s terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

Magic Mountain

The views from the Belvedere are simply gorgeous, but the ones at Magic Mountain are even better. Look for the sign around PK21 and pay the small fee to one of the locals manning the cafe. Guided ATV and 4X4 island tours make it to the summit, but it’s only a 20-minute hike, though it’s very steep and without any shade. At the top, enjoy dazzling panoramic views all the way from Opunohu Bay to the lagoon motus way out west!  

Magic Mountain Moorea French Polynesia - lagoon view
Magic Mountain Moorea French Polynesia - cruise ship in bay
Magic Mountain Moorea French Polynesia - bay view

Lunch at Coco Beach

Some restaurants are worth going out of your way to dine in, and Coco Beach in Moorea is one of them. Nestled along the shores of one of the islets at the edge of the barrier reef (motu), dining at Coco Beach is not only a meal but also an experience. Unless you want to kayak there, book return boat transfers when making a reservation, and bring along some beach and snorkeling gear because you’ll want to stick around for a while.

Coco Beach Restaurant - Moorea - tables
מסעדת Coco Beach באי מוריאה - פולינזיה הצרפתית - על האש

Afternoon In Ta’ahiamanu Beach

What better way to cap off this magical first day than at the beach? Head to Ta’ahiamanu Beach (also known as Mareto Beach) and grab some shade beneath a towering palm tree or on the soft sand. This is the most popular and “proper” public beach in Moorea, complete with a large parking lot, showers, and toilets. The classic views of Opunohu Bay are some of the finest in the South Pacific, but the snorkeling is just OK, primarily along the sharp drop-off just meters from the beach.

Ta'ahiamanu Beach - Moorea - from Mount Rotui
Taahiamanu Beach Moorea - French Polynesia