14 Of The Best Parks In Paris

Palais Royale – Grands Boulevards

Metro Stop: Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre

You can rarely enter the former palace that now houses government offices but the highlight is the garden which occupies the courtyard. It’s another one of those romantic spots in Paris and a great place to take a quiet break, away from the madness of the city. For such a beautiful spot, it seems to get less traffic than it deserves – perhaps due to its somewhat secretive entrance. Lining the garden are lots of antique shops and if you’re a fan of old coins and stamps – you’ll have a blast. At the southern entrance, you’ll find Cafe Le Nemours, with one of the best terraces in Paris for people watching and a prime spot to watch the extraordinary street performances which usually take place in the square.

Palais Royal Paris

Jardins du Palais Royal Paris

Paris romantic spot Jardins du Palais Royal Paris

Chilling at Jardins du Palais Royal Paris

Playing petanque Jardins du Palais Royal Paris
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Place des Vosges – Marais

Metro stop: Saint-Paul

When things got too crowded on Ile de la Cite & Ile Saint Louis, the aristocrats of Paris erected their mansions across the right bank in the former marshy ground known as the Marais. Even the king took notice and Henri IV planned his royal palace right here, complete with a beautiful square to catch some fresh air. Lucky for us, the palace moved to Versailles and today, Place des Vosges is one of the prettiest parks in Paris. It’s the perfect spot to catch some sun, have a picnic or catch up on some sleep – and the best part is that it’s in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Paris.

Place de Vosges Marais Paris

Place de vosges marais picnic girls

Place de Vosges

Relaxing at Place de Vosges Paris
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The Marais is best explored on a Sunday in Paris. Read more about this neighborhood and plan your visit.

Jardin des Plantes – Latin Quarter

Metro Stations: Gare d’Austerlitz, Place Monge

The massive complex that makes up the Jardin des Plantes started as a medicinal herb garden in the 17th century and you can still stroll through its collection of plants today. Today, the giant green lung is the largest botanical garden in France. If you’re into tropical plants or just want to warm up a bit, head inside the hothouses where you can even climb up to canopy level.

Aside from just walking the beautiful grounds of the Jardin des Plantes, you can also visit a small zoo, an impressive rose garden, and the Museum of Natural History. So there’s plenty to do rain or shine at the Jardin des Plantes. Most tourists head over to the nearby Luxembourg Garden, leading to a more intimate feel in this park.

Jardin des Plantes Paris

Jardin des Plantes Paris hothouses

Jardin des Plantes Paris flower

Jardin des Plantes Paris panoramic view

Jardin des Plantes Paris museum natural history

René Viviani Square – Latin Quarter

Metro Stations: Saint-Michel, Cluny – La Sorbonne

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Good things often come in small sizes and if you need a short break as you explore the Latin Quarter, grab a seat on one of the benches at René Viviani Square. The view across the Seine to Notre Dame is priceless and the massive broken tree is said to be one the oldest in Paris!

René Viviani Square Paris
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Square du Vert Galant – Île de la Cité

Metro Stations: Pont Neuf, Cité

This tiny sliver of land just might be the most romantic spot in Paris. Sitting at the very tip of Île de la Cité, this is the spot to go if you want to enjoy a romantic picnic on the Seine. You’ll be treated to views of both river banks and couples celebrating their love around you. It’s Paris after all…

Square du Vert Galant - Île de la Cité Paris Park

Picnic on Seine Paris
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Tuileries Garden – Champs Elysees Area

Metro Station: Tuileries

Connecting the Louvre with Place de la Concorde, there are few more pleasant walks in Paris than walking the length of the Tuileries Garden. The location, beauty, and symmetry are unrivaled throughout the town. It’s one of the most beautiful parks in Paris and one of the best urban parks in the entire world – you don’t want to miss this (and probably won’t).  

The center of the Tuileries Garden is the most superb section. Grab one of the metal chairs that are randomly scattered throughout the garden and catch some sun next to the central pond. Around you are Classical sculptures, some by famous artists like Rodin and the finely cut lawns certainly add an element a royalty to this park that once housed a palace. As you head towards Place de la Concorde, on both sides are dozens of chestnut trees that are just a haven on a hot and muggy Parisian summer day. 

Tuileries Gardens Paris fountain view

Tuileries Gardens view of concorde

Tuileries Gardens Paris

Tuileries Gardens Cafe
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Luxembourg Garden – Saint Germain

Metro Stations: Odeon, Rennes

An absolute must-visit, some would say the Jardin du Luxembourg is even prettier than the Tuileries Garden (I am among those). The Luxembourg Garden is a world of its own, right in the heart of Paris. Every day, thousands pass through the park, dotted with beautiful classical sculptures, lots of randomly distributed metal chairs, one fine museum, beehives, and quite a few more attractions that can keep you here for a good few hours!

Luxembourg Garden Paris

Luxembourg Garden Paris metal chairs

Luxembourg Garden Paris musical concert gazebo

At the heart of the garden is the famous pond overlooking a former palace. The pond is a popular spot for children, trying their luck with toy sailboats and for folks chilling on those metal chairs. The area just south of the pond is home to rows of finely chopped trees shading the only grassy lawn in the park that you can sit on. It’s the absolute perfect place for a weekend picnic or just catching some sun with the rest of Paris! Head over to the western edges of the garden to get away from it all – but don’t forget to take a book with you.

Luxembourg Garden Paris toy yachts

Luxembourg Garden Paris sit down lawn
Romance in the Luxembourg Gardens
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As you can see, every part of Paris has its own green spaces. Small or large, Paris is a city that treats its residents and visitors with plenty of nice spots to relax. So there’s very little doubt that you’ll always be just a few minutes away from some of the best parks in Paris. All that’s left to do is grab a chair, bring a picnic lunch and just enjoy la joie de vivres!

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