The Best Hikes In French Polynesia

March 7, 2020

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One of the last places to be discovered by humankind, the exotic islands of French Polynesia perhaps define the meaning of paradise on earth. The French territory’s high volcanic islands have been beautifully eroded over eons to create some of the most striking scenery in the world and there’s no better way to experience their beauty other than by hiking. Busting the myth of solely a luxury beach holiday, here are some of the best hikes in French Polynesia. 

A Guide to French Polynesia

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Independent Traveler's Guide to French Polynesia

The Three Waterfalls – Raiatea 

The sacred island of Raiatea is a great stop for those who wish to take a break from white sand beaches in favor of nature. Deep in the island’s lush rainforest, an unmarked trail leads hikers through thick a foliage highlighted by mape trees, wild ginger and bamboo to a series of waterfalls, known locally as Les Trois Cascades. The hike’s climax is reached, as you would expect, in the third waterfall, a 40-meter gem that actually splashes to a hidden pool before reaching the base. Since you’ve already made it this far, a dip in the freshwater pool is an absolute must before heading back to civilization. 

les trois cascades three waterfalls Raiatea Island French Polynesia big waterfall

les trois cascades three waterfalls Raiatea Island French Polynesia behind waterfall

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Matairea Hill – Huahine

Dozens of ancient ceremonial sites, known locally as marae, were discovered along the shores of Hauhine’s lagoon and up in the mountains overlooking to infinite blue. A pleasant (and quick) DIY hike takes hikers along a marked path to the top of Matairea Hill where a marae that likely belonged to one of the island’s prominent ancient families overlooks the lagoon and the island’s lush peaks. Before reaching the top, another marae can be visited, with overgrown vegetation and a huge banyan tree slowly taking charge of what was likely a very busy place in pre-missionary times. 

Matariea Hill marae complex Huahine Island French Polynesia banyan tree

Matariea Hill Marae Huahine Island French Polynesia

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Fautaua Valley – Tahiti 

Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia and the youngest in geological terms, home to soaring peaks and a mountainous interior that generates large amounts of rainfall that keeps the scenery emerald green. The Fautaua Valley is an accessible hike that can be done on your own or with a guide and it literally begins “in the back” of Papeete. The hike through the valley eventually leads to a 130-meter high waterfall and along the way you’ll encounter a number of archeological sites. On a clear day, you can even spot the peak of Mount Aorai which rises to the height of 2066m. 

Papenoo Valley Tahiti Maroto Waterfall

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Hanatekuua Bay – Hiva Oa

In the distant Marquesas Islands, it is no wonder that French painter Paul Gauguin and Belgian singer Jacques Brel chose the island of Hiva Oa as the place to spend the final chapter of their lives. On the north side of the island, the Hanatekuua Bay trail is used by locals to get this secluded beach where copra plantations meet the golden sand. The hike begins with beautiful vistas over Hanaiapa Bay and during the rainy season, you can spot a waterfall cascading straight into the ocean in the distance. The hike’s climax is reached as you turn the corner and catch the first glimpse of the bay, hidden from the outside world and just waiting for the rare visitor. 

Hanatekuua Bay Hike Hiva Oa Marquesas Islands French Polynesia waterfall

Hanatekuua Bay Hike Hiva Oa Marquesas Islands French Polynesia panoramic view

Hanatekuua Bay Hike Hiva Oa Marquesas Islands French Polynesia locals on beach

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Mount Rotui – Moorea

At an elevation of 899 meters, Mount Rotui towers between Moorea’s twin bays to give the island its heart shape when viewed from the air. Moorea is and island that has something for everybody, including many hikes. The challenging hike to the top of Mount Rotui affords breathtaking views of the lagoon and the deep bays. Even if you don’t make it all the way to the summit, the hike is still worthwhile as the views get better and better with every slight gain in elevation. 

Belvedere lookout point Moorea French Polynesia

Opunohu Bay from Mount Rotui Hike - Moorea - French Polynesia

Marteo Beach and Clear Lagoon from Mount Rotui Hike - Moorea

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Temahani Plateau – Raiatea 

Back on the sacred island of Raiatea, the hike to the Temahani Plateau is undertaken by hikers on the hunt to spot one of the rarest flowers in the world. The hand-shaped tiare apetahi only grows on Raiatea and only on this plateau, puzzling botanists who have unsuccessfully attempted to transplant the flower to other habitats. Local legend says that a long time ago, a beautiful woman named Apetahi fell in love with a local prince who had to leave the island on a royal quest. Waiting in vain on the summit of the plateau to scout for her lover’s returning boat, she could no longer overcome the burden, eventually cutting her arm off and planting it in the ground before jumping into the abyss. Out sprung the beautiful flower, with five petals in the shape of a hand. Apart from spotting the flower, the hike is filled with panoramic views and lava tubes. 

Temehani Plateau hike Raiatea Island French Polynesia panormaic view of tahaa and lagoon

Temehani Plateau hike Raiatea Island French Polynesia waterfall

Temehani Plateau hike Raiatea Island French Polynesia Tiare Apetahi rare flower

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The Pierced Mountain – Moorea 

From one legend to another, when Hiro and his band of thieves sneaked from Raiatea to steal Mount Rotui, they woke up the Tahitian warrior Pai, who through his spear from Tahiti to chase them away. His spear made a hole through the top of Moua Puta, eventually landing in Raiatea. Better known as “the pierced mountain” Moua Puta rises to a height of 830 meters and is considered the most challenging hike in Moorea. Hiking to its summit with local certified guides is rewarded by some of the finest 360-degree views in the South Pacific. 

Moorea pierced Mountain French Polynesia

Pierced Mountain - Moorea French Polynesia

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Anaho Bay – Nuku Hiva 

Anaho Bay has to be one of the prettiest sites in the South Pacific, a horseshoe-shaped bay hidden from the outside world with hints of a coral reef, a rarity in the Marquesas Islands. Reaching the hidden bay is quite the adventure, beginning with a marked trail that rises to a saddle via a forest of wild mango trees. From the saddle, the view is breathtaking and the silence only interrupted when wild goat loosen rocks on the cliffs overlooking the bay. A few local families live in seclusion and have the beach all to themselves, happy to greet the rare visitor who ventures into their paradise. 

view of anaho bay from hike - nuku hiva marquesas islands

Anaho Bay Beach Nuku Hiva Marquesas Islands

Anaho Bay local kids Nuku Hiva Marquesas Islands French Polynesia

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Mount Aorai – Tahiti 

The third highest peak in Tahiti (2066m), the hike to the summit of Mount Aorai is an absolute must for fit hikers looking to get a taste of the real Polynesian paradise. It’s a challenging hike that begins in the lush rainforest away from the hustle and bustle of noisy Papeete, later reaching the legendary “devil’s pass” where the trail narrows to just a few inches of width. An overnight cabin offers the opportunity to take it slow, as you must reach the summit in the early morning hours before the clouds roll in. Even if you can’t make it to the top, the views from the first overnight cabin are out of this world, hidden waterfalls, beautifully eroded peaks and the peculiar diademe – the signature rocky crown of “the queen of the Pacific” 

Mount Aorai hike Tahiti French Polynesia

Closeup Mount Aorai hike Tahiti French Polynesia

Hidden waterfall - Mount Aorai Hike - Tahiti - French Polynesia

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Mount Teurafaatiu – Maupiti

Known as the “authentic island”, Maupiti lies at the very edge of the Society Islands, a symbolic position for an island in which locals decided to keep things the way they were and reject mass tourism. Challenging to pronounce, the hike to Mount Teurafaatiu (380m) is a great excuse for taking a break from the pristine beaches of Maupiti. The steep trail snakes its way along the cliffs overlooking the only village on the island, with incredible views of the lagoon and the extended runway. What you see from the rocky summit will live in your memory for eternity, striking colors of the lagoon on a clear day, Bora Bora in the far distance. There’s a very good chance you’ll have the summit all to yourself and be sure to bring some snacks as you’ll want to stay here for a good few hours. 

Mount Teurafaatiu Hike - Maupiti - French Polynesia - View of Village

Mount Teurafaatiu view of Maupiti airport on motu

Mount Teurafaatiu Hike - Maupiti - French Polynesia - View of Village and Motu

Panoramic view of Maupiti French Polynesia from Mount Teurafaatiu

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What’s Next?

Now that we’ve covered the best hikes in French Polynesia, I hope you realize there’s plenty to do than just beaches and cocktails. So don’t forget to pack your hiking gear and take advantage of other resources on this website to plan your vacation in paradise. 

Tahiti Tailor Made Thumbnail
Independent Traveler's Guide to French Polynesia

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The Best Hikes In French Polynesia

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